Tips on Winning Chilli and Hot Sauce Competitions

Have you ever thought of entering a chilli or hot sauce competition? It is a fun way to do something which will raise your adrenaline and create

lasting memories. Such tournaments are becoming popular, and every year have more people registering to attend. If you are considering trying a chilli and hot sauce competition, some of the tips that will make you win include the following.

Familiarise Your Palate

Before you get into a chilli or hot sauce competition, start introducing chilli to your diet. This will get your tongue and body used to the hotness and spiciness, so you will not struggle as much when the big day comes. Keep increasing the hotness with each meal, so that you develop the tolerance which is needed to sail through the competition.

Eat the Right Foods

It helps to line your stomach with foods which soothe it, to avoid discomfort as soon as the chilli hits the stomach. It is advisable to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated and to take soothing food such as ice cream and milk so that you do not get a burning feeling when you are eating the sauce. You should also eat vegetables so that you do not get constipated and struggle with digesting the food.

Go with a Cheering Team

As much as it is not possible to bet on chilli and hot sauce competition, as people do on online betting sites such as Unibet betting, many people still get interested in watching it. Reach out to your family and friends, and let them know about your intention to compete. Invite them as your cheering squad. This will not only inject some fun into the competition, but it will also make you accountable when people are watching you and cheering you on.

Focus on Your Goal

If you watch chilli eating competitions, you will notice that the people who kept looking around and at other competitors ended up losing. Do not worry about how undignified you may think you look. Just think about the sauce or chilli in front of you and start. Do not be afraid of putting up a poker face when the spiciness overwhelms your tongue. It brings up the fun. A tip which could help in reducing the spiciness is that you should chew as little as possible. Of course, this should be within reason. You do not want to choke on chilli.