How to Find Chilli Festivals to Attend

If you want to learn about chilli and hot sauces, the best thing to do is to attend a chilli festival. You can either go with a group of friends or visit it alone. Rest assured that you will get a lot of knowledge of chilli, and if you are looking to buy and learn about new chilli recipes, these festivals will give you that, and so much more. The trick always comes in knowing if there is a festival near you, and how to attend one. Some of the ways to find chilli festivals which you can go to include the following.

Check the Global Calendar for Hot Sauce and Chilli Festivals

There is a calendar which is always posted online, that has a list of most of the festivals that are coming up within the year. They have the dates and the locations where the celebrations will be held, including a synopsis of what each festival is about. A search on “world calendar for hot sauce and chilli festivals” will yield the results that you want. If you realise that your region does not have one, (it is unlikely), you can plan to visit one in another neighbourhood.

Ask for Recommendations

If you know any foodies or someone enthusiastic about chilli and hot sauces, reach out to them, and ask if they know of any upcoming chilli festivals. There has been a growing trend to

celebrate people who are passionate about chilli and hot sauces, and many more individuals are developing an interest, so it will not be a difficult task to find someone who can give you a recommendation. The other alternative is going to your favourite restaurant and asking the chef if they know about any upcoming events.

Try Social Media

Never underestimate the importance of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs when it comes to finding chilli festivals. There are even social media pages and groups which have dedicated their content towards chilli and hot sauces. You can also start following influencers in the culinary industry, to see if they could have information on upcoming chilli festivals.

Look Out for Notices

Be on the lookout for notices in your surroundings which have advertisements on upcoming events. If there is a chilli festival coming up in your area, chances are that it will be on the notice board among other events. You should also be checking your local newspaper for such announcements.