Health Benefits of Chilli

Most people who eat chilli love it, due to the zest it adds to food. The feeling of tasting a hot sauce or nibbling food which has chilli in it is fantastic, to say the least. Other than the twist it brings to food, there are many health benefits it adds to life. Some of the reasons you should keep eating chilli include the following.

It Boosts Immunity

Chilli has a high content of vitamins A and C, and this means that it is categorised as an immune booster. Vitamin A is used in supporting the development of the mucosal tissue, which is connected to the respiratory line, urinal tract and the intestines. If these systems are working well, then your body will be well defended against germs and infection. The vitamin C in the chilli is great for strengthening cardiovascular health and improving the circulation of blood and air in the body. The spicy nature of the food helps in getting rid of a congested nose.

Helps the Digestive Tract

For many years, people with ulcers were being told to avoid spicy food. Scientists have gone ahead to prove that chilli and hot sauces promote a healthy digestive tract and that the capsaicin which is present in hot chilli actually acts as an anti-irritant. The vitamin C also helps in developing mucus that facilitates the digestion of food. This means that people who eat chilli are less likely to suffer from conditions caused by poor digestion, such as constipation, bloating and indigestion.

Boosts Metabolism

Poor metabolism has been linked to several health conditions, including obesity, stress, insomnia, and infertility, among other health complications. Nutritionists are now linking eating chilli and hot sauces to thermogenesis, a process when the body produces heat and starts burning fat. They are saying that this, in turn, increases the rate in which the body converts food into energy, hence increased metabolism.

Reduces Migraine Pains

People who suffer from chronic migraines have found that adding chilli and hot spicy foods to their diet significantly reduced the pain they felt. This could be linked to the anti-inflammatory properties which are found in chilli, and the fact that eating hot food increases the flow of blood in the body.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Good cardiovascular health is what helps in pumping blood around your body. Eating chilli reduces cholesterol and prevents blood from clotting. The fact that it increases metabolism also means that the general functioning of the heart is improved.

Relieves Joint Pain

Applying chilli topically on the joints reduces pain and has been found even to alleviate conditions which are associated with joint pain, such as arthritis and gout. It also reduces dandruff if used with other forms of natural oils, such as olive oil.